5 Marketable Skills a Master’s Degree in Communications Can Offer

FIU instills students with marketable skills through our Masters of Science degree in Communications. Many people don’t realize how crucial communication is to every industry from creative to technical work. Students who graduate from FIU Global Strategic Communication in partnership with Miami Ad School have earned a reputation among advertising and communication professionals as exceptional investments who add value to any team. Here are five marketable skills a Master of Science in Mass Communication Specializing in Creative Work in Advertising from FIU-MAS can help you develop:

1.   Copywriting

Study after study have confirmed that written communications skills are at the top of employers’ sought-after skills when hiring. In the digital world, every single business from local establishments to massive corporations needs copywriters. A solid foundation in traditional writing techniques combined with an understanding of SEO and other digital practices can help you find numerous opportunities for employment. FIU-MAS program lets you develop a robust portfolio of copywriting material to show future employers.

2. Effective Project Management

No matter what your field is, project management is always mostly communicating with a team. You need to set clear expectations and timelines for a team and follow up consistently. The ability to speak and write effectively is crucial to this position. You’ll often work on a team with others as you pursue your Masters at FIU-MAS.

3. Winning Accounts through the Art of Storytelling and Presentation Skills

Employers can teach you anything you need to know about their product. You can be valuable to them if you already know how to establish rapport, ask smart questions, be an active listener, and other communication techniques. When you bring these skills to any job, you can be invaluable to employers and businesses. Remember that even as a creative, you are always selling ideas to your team or a client. FIU-MAS brings you into touch with faculty who have decades of experience working in communication and advertising. You’ll get lessons and advice from people who know the business and advertising world, and what makes an effective presentation.

4. Concepting

Whether you are a good writer or a good designer, the art of visualizing or concepting is a strong skill that must be developed. While there is not a single process that works for everyone, there are two basic methods that most creative professionals rely on: 1) adapt the strategy to the creative and 2) make the creative fit the strategy. FIU-MAS courses are designed to help you build a strong portfolio of great strategic creative work that will help you stand out when applying for jobs after graduation.

5. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking allows you to understand the logical connection between concepts which leads to the effective application of ideas to communication and creative work. This is an extremely valuable skill to have when the ability to think logically (left brain) and apply logic to creativity (right brain) are developed simultaneously. The partnership between FIU-MAS is the perfect combination to develop this skill. 

Learn More About Florida International University’s Creative Track Program

Visit Florida International University’s website to learn more about the Global Strategic Communication Creative Track Master’s Program. Contact Grizelle De Los Reyes, Director of the FIU-MAS Creative Track Program at gdelosre@fiu.edu or fill out the contact form for additional information.

About Global Strategic Communications Creative Track Master’s Degree Program

The Global Strategic Communication Creative Track is a 39-credit hour program leading to a Master of Science in Mass Communication degree. This interdisciplinary program combines Florida International University’s Global Strategic Communications graduate curriculum in communications theory, research, and strategy with Miami Ad School’s advanced skills curriculum in Copywriting and Art Direction.

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