Grizelle De Los Reyes




“Where the classroom meets the real world”​


“GtoG” – Created by Michelle Kawas, Art Direction track FIU-Miami Ad School graduate program Class of 2016.

Internet "slang" meaning

GtoG means “got to go”


Complexity simplified, time efficiency, “fly-on-the-wall” listening.​

Color relevance

Imperial Purple Pantone 19-3528 is the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow and visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. A color very rare in nature and the hardest color for the eye to discriminate. You cannot ignore the color purple because it commands attention. It is the color of royalty.

Concept / Strategy

Portable education, on-demand content, experiential teaching, real-time learning.

GtoG Mission statement

Deliver the most relevant and timely information about the business of media, messaging, content and the way that advertisers connect with consumers using the platforms where they gather with messages that truly resonate.

Podcast content labeled “Grizelletogo Podcast” and website. Podcast content is composed of interviews with thought leaders on topics dealing with creativity, understanding audiences, media and digital developments, content creation.

Video content

YouTube videos located at “Grizelle De Los Reyes” channel and website. Video content is composed of media math and its applications to the industry of advertising and media.​

Social Media and Web support

Grizelletogo Podcast Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn – @Grizelletogo and @Grizelledelosreyes.

Podcast theme song

“Califlorida” lyrics, composition, vocals and arrangement by Gabriel De Los Reyes. The mythical town Califlorida is a place where “everybody knows your name”, just like your social media circles. It is a laid-back place where you can be as real (or not) as you want to be. Come as you are, invent or reinvent yourself. It covers coast-to-coast and is multicultural with many languages spoken and idiosyncrasies represented.