Understanding Ratings

Rating is the audience of a particular program or station at a specific period of time expressed as a percent of a universe of the demographic. The rating is relative to audience measurement and the price radio and television stations set to sell this air time to buyers, advertising agencies and clients is related to … Read more

5 Marketable Skills a Master’s Degree in Communications Can Offer

FIU instills students with marketable skills through our Masters of Science degree in Communications. Many people don’t realize how crucial communication is to every industry from creative to technical work. Students who graduate from FIU Global Strategic Communication in partnership with Miami Ad School have earned a reputation among advertising and communication professionals as exceptional investments … Read more

Episode 30: Luis Miguel Messianu, Conversation with a Creative Maverick

Interviewee: Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alma Description: Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to a groundbreaking multicultural advertising agency called Alma.  He has been influential and one of the true pioneers in the U.S. Hispanic market in a 30+-year career in advertising. His award-winning work for … Read more

Episode 29: Isabella Sanchez, Inner Workings Media Department Full-Service Advertising Agency

Interviewee: Isabella Sanchez, Vice President of Media Integration at Zubi Advertising Description: We are living exciting times where audiences are more mobile than ever and have many good entertainment choices. It makes you wonder, how does a brand cut-through and stands out in this complex media environment? Meet Isabella Sanchez. Isabella is a well-respected advertising … Read more

Episode 28: Manny Cabral, Crafting Effective Digital Media Strategies

Interviewee: Manny Cabral, Associate Director of Analytics & Digital Strategy at Zubi Advertising Services Description: According to various forecasts, digital ad spending in the US is exceeding traditional ad spending. In fact, it is predicted that digital will surpass total media spending by two-thirds in upcoming years. Meet Manny Cabral, Associate Director Analytics and Digital … Read more

Episode 27: Gary Lico, Creator of Forensic Files and Other Hit Shows

Interviewee: Gary Lico, creator of Forensic Files Description: How you ever wondered how hit programs are created, produced and distributed? Or how deals with television stations, networks and streaming platforms to air these programs are done? Meet Gary Lico. Gary is a 40+ year veteran of TV program sales, development, production, research, scheduling and even … Read more