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Media Planning MMC 6416 and ADV 4300

Media Planning, or how I’d rather call it THE BUSINESS OF MEDIA, presents a general overview of the business of media, primarily in the US and touching upon the business of media in Latin America. While the course is a survey of the practice of media planning within the discipline of advertising, the learning outcomes apply (in varying degrees) to agency media buyers, media management, media sellers, advertisers or clients, public relations professionals, and professional communicators in general.

The focus of this course is to understand the planning, selection, and evaluation of ALL major media (traditional, non-traditional and digital) and study the factors involved in the strategic development of a media plan. We will cover the fundamentals of media planning such as media terminology, media concepts, market conditions, real world applications, numerical analysis of media efficiencies, consumer market segments, the structure of all major media, and the application of media and consumer research to assist in the media planning/buying/selling process.

This in-depth understanding of media analysis leads to the formulation of sound media plans that reach intended consumer targets with minimal spending waste. The course material is presented from various points of view: the advertising agency’s media planner / media buyer, media management /seller and the advertiser/client. While all three sides (agency, media and client) are striving for the same objectives, the internal agendas may differ and all sides will converge at a middle point called “negotiation”.

This course is split between (approximately) 40% media math and 60% media concepts. Ultimately, we will discuss and review the media world as it is constantly evolving along with the factors that most impact the business of media: the technology explosion, the economy and the ever-changing media habits of the audience.

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Creative Strategy ADV 6805  and MMC 4936 Special Topics Account Planning

The course is designed to familiarize students with the creative process and problem-solving techniques in the development of advertising creative strategy. The course emphasizes team work, brainstorming and idea generation to address specific communication goals. Students are taught to formulate strategies using strategic communication tools and to stimulate collaboration between creative professionals involved in the development of the creative strategy and the big idea: the account planner, the copywriter and the art director.

This course covers a series of readings from the assigned textbook, in-class discussions, exercises, and lectures to immerse creative students into the mind set of an account planner. This class is taught from an Account Planning perspective taking the creative professional through a deep understanding of the consumer audience, the business issues, research methods and how these insights lay the foundation for the development of creative strategy. ADV 6805  is designed specifically for Miami Ad School Creative students and taught from an Account Planner’s perspective. This class is designed as a hands-on, skills-building, practical, strategic, professionally based course within the field of advertising.

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