Episode 26: Kevin Allen, Creator of MasterCard’s Priceless Campaign and Advertising Agency Structure

Interviewee: Kevin Allen, Founder & CEO of E.I. Games

Description: How do Advertising Agencies work? How do they get paid? How do they win Accounts? How do you pitch great ideas to win over clients? If you ever had these questions, or even if you hadn’t, we are sure this episode will be enlightening! Kevin Allen is Founder & CEO of E.I. Games, creator of award-winning online Emotional Intelligence learning games for companies and higher education. He is recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished business growth professionals and an expert on emotional intelligence and its practical application in the workplace. He had a highly successful 30-year advertising career leading global industry giants, The Interpublic Group and McCann Ericson, with highlights like the “Priceless” campaign for MasterCard. Buckle in for a fascinating conversation with one of advertising’s greats!

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