Episode 28: Manny Cabral, Crafting Effective Digital Media Strategies

    Interviewee: Manny Cabral, Associate Director of Analytics & Digital Strategy at Zubi Advertising Services

    Description: According to various forecasts, digital ad spending in the US is exceeding traditional ad spending. In fact, it is predicted that digital will surpass total media spending by two-thirds in upcoming years. Meet Manny Cabral, Associate Director Analytics and Digital Strategy at Zubi Advertising. In his current capacity, Manny is responsible for developing strategy, tactics, and overall program measurement plans for digital and social campaigns for big clients such as Ford and Lincoln. Needless to say, his skills and understanding of the digital space are crucial to his clients’ success. In this episode, Manny will tell us how he does his digital magic! Listen up because the advertising and media worlds will need more professionals who truly understand the digital landscape such as Manny!

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