Masters of Science in Mass Communications: What It is Like to Study in Miami

Location can make a major difference in the final outcome of your education. There’s little doubt that with an air-tight work ethic and a true commitment to excellence, you can be successful anywhere, but if you dream of becoming a copywriter or art director for a major ad agency, or thriving in the world of communications in general, Florida International University can offer you undeniable advantages in this competitive industry.

However, studying in Miami also offers perks outside the classroom. Enrolling in an educational program is a big commitment of money and time, so we wanted to give you a sense of what studying here would be like.

Beautiful Beaches await you on the Weekends

This particular point must have occurred to you, especially if you are coming from a colder climate or somewhere without much sunshine. Miami is home to some of the most attractive and popular beaches in the world. These are near slick metropolitan areas filled with delicious restaurants and bars, and other hotspots of nightlife. These are great for networking, or just having a good time.

Sunshine all Year Round

The name “Sunshine State” isn’t false branding by any means. Plan on sunshine January through December, and a few hurricanes here and there as well. Stay cool and hydrated, and prepare for a bright future.

A Feast for Art Lovers

It is not at all uncommon for a strong interest in media work to go hand in hand with an appreciation for art. Fortunately, Miami is home to museums including the Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum at FIU, and festivals like the Art Deco weekend.

The Taste of Miami

Prepare to experience the taste of Cuban, Peruvian, Mexican food and more in Miami. There is no shortage of places to meet people for a quick coffee or a bite to eat, all of which make great opportunities for networking.

Escape to Botanical Gardens

Break up the urban grind with a trip to The Kampong, a fascinating park of fruited and flowering trees. Draw in inspiration for your next project with the sunlight, fresh air, and sweet aromas and soothing sounds of the garden. Take guided tours to learn about the history, or decide to explore it yourself instead.

Urban Environments are the Place to be for Media Work

Connections are an indispensable part of any industry, and media work is no exception. We are lucky to draw students from all over the world, which extends your reach and network far beyond Miami. Your courses will feel hectic and intense from time to time, as per the testimonials of our former students, many of whom have gone on to great success.

About Global Strategic Communications Creative Track Master’s Degree Program

The Global Strategic Communication Creative Track is a 39-credit hour program leading to a Master of Science in Mass Communication degree. This interdisciplinary program combines Florida International University’s Global Strategic Communications graduate curriculum in communications theory, research, and strategy with Miami Ad School’s advanced skills curriculum in Copywriting and Art Direction.

Learn More About Florida International University’s Global Strategic Communications – Creative Track Program

Visit Florida International University’s website to learn more about the Global Strategic Communication Creative Track Master’s Program. Contact Grizelle De Los Reyes, Director of the FIU-MAS Creative Track Program at or fill out the contact form for additional information

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