Episode 10: Brandon Beard, A crash course in digital monetization

Interviewee: Brandon Beard, Digital Revenue, Product Manager EW Scripps Description: Producing content to inform and entertain audiences is key to build web traffic but it is expensive. Figuring out ways of monetizing this content is exactly what Brandon Beard, Digital Revenue, Product Manager, does. In this episode, Brandon talks about various digital advertising formats, important terms, … Read more

Episode 9: Tom Sly, Programmatic? Machine to machine selling and buying? Real time bidding? What does it all mean?

Interviewee: Tom Sly, VP Digital Revenue EW Scripps Description:  Building revenue is important for any company and the term “Programmatic” keeps coming up. In this episode, Tom Sly, Vice President of Digital Revenue at EW Scripps will explain ways in which content and audiences are “monetized” to generate revenue. Want to know what programmatic is? … Read more

Episode 8: Bo Schuerman, Say “Consumer-Centric Digital Content” three times really fast

Interviewee: Bo Schuerman, Director of Digital Solutions Group EW Scripps Description: How do we reach new audiences or engage with audiences through compelling content? In this episode Bo Schuerman, Director of Digital Solutions Group at EW Scripps, discusses the importance of developing consumer-centric content, in other words, content that audiences want to listen to, read … Read more

Episode 7: JB Kropp, A healthy disrespect, podcasting and other new business ideas


Interviewee: JB Kropp, VP Digital Marketing plan and Business Development EW Scripps Description: Why did media giant, EW Scripps acquire a Podcasting company and why is this acquisition so important? In this episode JB Kropp, VP Digital Strategy and Business Development at EW Scripps discusses the importance of podcasting and how acquisitions and new business … Read more

Episode 5: Lloyd Bucher, Is programmatic advertising more effective in targeting audiences?

Interviewee: Lloyd Bucher, Vice President and General Manager WPTV NBC Channel 5 West Palm Beach Description: Is programmatic or automated buying and selling the future of media advertising? In this episode, Lloyd Bucher, Vice President and General Manager WPTV NBC Channel 5 West Palm Beach discusses the future of negotiating media inventory specifically television, called … Read more

Episode 2: Bernadette O’Grady, Content is King and Delivery is Queen

Interviewee: Bernadette O’Grady, Director of Programming and Media Convergence WPTV NBC Channel 5 West Palm Beach Description: Content is king and delivery is queen. Content is programming and delivery is the platform to make it available to audiences. Television programming or content determines the composition and size of an audience. In this episode, Bernadette O’Grady, … Read more