Episode 28: Manny Cabral, Crafting Effective Digital Media Strategies

Interviewee: Manny Cabral, Associate Director of Analytics & Digital Strategy at Zubi Advertising Services Description: According to various forecasts, digital ad spending in the US is exceeding traditional ad spending. In fact, it is predicted that digital will surpass total media spending by two-thirds in upcoming years. Meet Manny Cabral, Associate Director Analytics and Digital … Read more

Episode 27: Gary Lico, Creator of Forensic Files and Other Hit Shows

Interviewee: Gary Lico, creator of Forensic Files Description: How you ever wondered how hit programs are created, produced and distributed? Or how deals with television stations, networks and streaming platforms to air these programs are done? Meet Gary Lico. Gary is a 40+ year veteran of TV program sales, development, production, research, scheduling and even … Read more

Episode 25: Victor Lopez, A Master at Programmatic Ad Buying

Interviewee: Victor Lopez, owner of Emico Labs Description: For any brand that advertises online, programmatic has changed the way digital ads are bought, placed and sold. So, what is programmatic advertising? Simply put, programmatic ad buying is the use of software to buy digital advertising. Whereas the traditional method includes requests for proposals, quotes and … Read more

Episode 24: Jose Monzon, On Buying and Selling Television Airtime in Latin America

Interviewee: Jose Monzon, Director of Ad Sales Strategy for NBC Universal Latin America Description: Television continues being the dominant medium in Latin America and NBC Universal Latin America is one of the major programming and entertainment players. NBC Universal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing … Read more

Episode 23: Brian Fuhrer, A Nielsen Executive’s take on the Importance of Ratings Measurement

For many years, Nielsen was known as the TV audience measurement company. Nowadays, measuring television viewing is only a part of what they measure. Nielsen measurement has evolved into a Total Audience measurement following the consumer not just on live TV, but on video, audio and text content wherever it is viewed or listened to. So whether it’s on desktops, laptops, mobile phones or tablets and whether it’s video-on-demand from the networks or streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, Nielsen can measure it. Nielsen operates in the US and 106 countries representing over 90% of the global population. In this episode, we sat down with Brian Fuhrer, Senior Vice President of National & Cross-Platform Product Leader at Nielsen, to discuss the business of audience measurement. It’s a big world out there and someone’s got to measure it!

Episode 22: Matt Palmer, What is NATPE?

Interviewee: Matt Palmer, Chief Marketing Office of the National Associaton of Television Program Executives Description: The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) is a professional organization of television and emerging media executives. Celebrating over 50 years of service to the ever-evolving television industry, NATPE implements its mission by providing members with education, networking, professional … Read more

Episode 21: Matt Landau, On his book “TV Outside the Box—Trailblazing in the Digital Revolution”

Interviewee: Neil Landau, author of “TV Outside the Box: Trailblazing in the Digital Revolution Description: The traditional television models are being disrupted by on-demand and Over-the-top networks such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, CW Seed, Vimeo, Awesomeness TV and many, many others. In this episode, we caught up with Neil Landau, author of “TV Outside … Read more

Episode 20: Duran Inci, The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

Interviewee: Duran Inci, CEO of Optimum7 Description: Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software programmed to be capable of intelligent behavior. These intelligent agents are systems that perceive their environments and take actions that maximize its chances of success. In this episode, Duran Inci, CEO of Digital Marketing and Technology … Read more

Episode 19: Duran Inci, The Basics of Content Marketing

Interviewee: Duran Inci, CEO of Optimum7 Description: Producing Innovative, meaningful, interesting and engaging digital content require businesses to maintain strategic focus. Businesses rely on search engine traffic and need searchable content that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can use to send traffic to their websites or even to be “found” on searches. In … Read more